Parody type  Safe  Unsafe
Unscratched Content match Worldwide block Strike
Traditional parodies
Original Bunker Scene Very rarely Yes Rare -
Hitler Reviews / Pros and Cons Rarely Yes Rare -
Bunker Jokes Yes - - -
Modified Traditional
Includes scenes from other movies Depends on movie Depends on movie Depends on movie Likely, depends on movie and length of footage used
Uses other scenes from Downfall Most of the time Sometimes - -
FX parodies
Headpasting Most of the time Sometimes - -
Chroma keying and rotoscoping Yes - - -
Flash / cartoon / animation / interactive Yes - - -
Parodies shorter than 6-7 mins Rare Most of the time Rare -
Parodies longer than 7 minutes - - Yes
Audio-based parodies
"Trapped" parodies and other voice-overs Yes - - -
Musical parodies

Direct subtitle spoof (actor parody)

Depends on movie Depends on movie Depends on movie Depends on movie
Music Video spoof (lip-sync) - Rarely Occasionally Very likely, depends on publisher and band
Dialogue as lyrics (instrumental + parody dub) Very likely Rarely - -
Audio-splicing and autotuning Very likely - - -

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