The Weidling and Mohnke inform Hitler scene is a scene in Downfall used commonly in parodies.

In Downfall

The scene begins with Hitler entering the war room, surprising the rest of the generals who are there. Weidling informs him that the Russians are advancing and they can no longer receive supplies. Mohnke then shows him on the map the Red Army positions:

  • North - in front of the Weidendammer bridge
  • East - Lustgarten
  • South - Potsdammer Platz
  • West - Tiergarten, about 400 meters from the Chancellery.

He points out that they can only hold out about 2 days. Weidling suggests that they should flee Berlin, as they have already lost 20,000 of their best officers. Hitler looks at him indifferently, telling him that that's what the young people are for. When Weidling tries to persuade Hitler to sign the paper, Goebbels intervenes, saying that the Führer cannot make a honorless disappearance from the the history. Hitler considers fleeing Berlin as not an option and believes that Wenck and the 12th Army will attack. He asks Krebs to telegram Keitel, to report Wenck's progress. He then leaves the room, repeating that "Wenck will come".

In Downfall Parodies

The scene was first used by AlbertHallProds, in Hitler finally declares war on Hitler Parodies, where Hitler and his generals declare war on the Downfall Parodies and on the Untergangers.

Since then, the scene has been used for parodies that involve either conflicts, such as Hitler vs UBFA, The Jodl Rebellion, or War of The Hitlers. There aren't many other parodies that use the scene alone.


  • Hitler does not rant in this scene, although Goebbels has a short ranting burst.
  • Mohnke points at the map, with even two fingers at one point in the scene.
    • Also, if you look very closely at the very first frames of this scene, you can also see Weidling pointing a map.


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