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Flight simulator

“Funny how most Untergangers chose Nazi-Germany as their nation.”

War Thunder is a massively multiplayer online combat flight simulator developed by Gaijin Entertainment. It is currently in the open beta test phase.


The game is set to contain aircraft, armored vehicles, and ships from the pre-World War II era to the early Korean War era. Most maps in-game are either directly or indirectly based on real-life battles of the era.

Popularity amongst Untergangers

“Haha. Now that everyone is playing War Thunder the chat is dead.”

After TheSilverUniverse and DictatorAntics played some matches together on the game, DictatorAntics tried to recruit more Untergangers to try it. At August 31st of 2013, he asked the Untergangers that are frequently in the Unterganger Chat to download it which resulted in Smoglessbutton4JennieParker87, HitlerRantsParodies, Johnnomonster, KnightTemplar1453, Shomronon, and MFDK to download it. In the following days even more Untergangers downloaded it too, such as S2iDP.

Already, Untergangers have played dozens of private matches with each other. DictatorAntics even recorded one of the matches which he is planning to upload to his channel in a few days.

Furthermore, DictatorAntics and HitlerRantsParodies both have plans for a 'Hitler plays War Thunder'.


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