Open Episode : AGK Reaction To Some People (Click Here To Watch)

Episode 1 : AGK And Evil Sisters (Postponed To 17/7/2013 Original In 6/7/2013)

Episode 2 : AGK VS Sonic.exe (Released In 18/7/2013)

Episode 3 : AGK Busted Squalo (Incomplete)

Episode 4 : AGK Just Counter Attack Sonic.exe (Incomplete)

Episode 5 : AGK And The New Enemy (Incomplete)

Episode 6 : AGK Just Learn As Youtube Copyright School (Incomplete)

Episode 7 : AGK VS Eva Lee Part 1 (Incomplete)

Episode 8 : AGK VS Eva Lee Part 2 (Incomplete) *Final Part

Episode 9 : AGK And Babysittler (Incomplete)

Final Episode : AGK And The Final Infections (Release In 2014 Has 5 Part)

Ending Episode : AGK Just Stop Parodies Himself (Release In 2014)

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