Admin Note: Point of contention has been redacted, and commenting has been disabled. The redacted OP follows:-

Hey guys, TraitorLoxoz here... and this message is to bullies and even untergangers.

I know that i did some dramas and incidents but the reason is i don't want to get cyber-bullied. Infact, on my HPW page where Delphox (AlphaSkyRaider) told all the incidents, which he thinks that i started these bullcraps but I DON'T start all of this shit! You guys have gone too far, your actions are very rude and that is not how you talk with a member in the community. You know it... "We are friends, not enemies. Anyhow, none of us are perfect and none of us are going crazy. Which is important to you?

Peace or Cyber-bullying? Because of you, my life has gone harder. Your reason for mocking me is no longer here. HRP, Delphox, Shadow Briton, Gilblitz112, GB. Alexander, etc. ...please stop being such as some enemies and don't be shy at my rage. The reason is you have GONE too far. At the beggining, i was little bit mad. But at the end, my head burned out and i ended up with a ban for no obvious reason. Don't try to kick me like a silly looking fool! I warned you! Everyone, even untergangers...

Stop being enemies and we have to get up! Let's all be friends again, so we could forget these bad moments. Let's team up and let's make the community great again!!!

Thanks for reading. If you still hate me, then you have no respect to others. [REDACTED]

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