aka Dan McJohnson

  • I live in Romania
  • I was born on September 1
  • My occupation is Making downfall parodies and stuff! And also participating on the contents! I would love to! :)
  • I am Male
  • TraitorLoxoz

    So, a half year has been passed and it was a frustating one as in my opinion, and my apperance doesn't show with good news. HRP is one of my biggest enemies of all community. Why? Well, here's the reasons: 1. Everyone says that many people gave me more chances and i still ruined them. *facepalm* I received a chance! Not a second one! 2. Because of his childish mind, he made the community worser now. 3. I can't support these days at all. No one cares about me, i don't want to be in a disaster like this, getting trolled and triggered. Let's forget all of these. I'M NOT TRIGGERED, I'M NOT A BITCH OR A PUSSY! Why i should trust Tailz and GPP. I have blocked them forever and i don't wanna see them again, even if i'm still on Hall of Shame. I on…

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  • TraitorLoxoz

    Admin Note: Point of contention has been redacted, and commenting has been disabled. The redacted OP follows:-

    Hey guys, TraitorLoxoz here... and this message is to bullies and even untergangers.

    I know that i did some dramas and incidents but the reason is i don't want to get cyber-bullied. Infact, on my HPW page where Delphox (AlphaSkyRaider) told all the incidents, which he thinks that i started these bullcraps but I DON'T start all of this shit! You guys have gone too far, your actions are very rude and that is not how you talk with a member in the community. You know it... "We are friends, not enemies. Anyhow, none of us are perfect and none of us are going crazy. Which is important to you?

    Peace or Cyber-bullying? Because of you, my lif…

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