As I stay here looking at the recent developments on the wiki, I can't help but notice that the edits here seem to be slowing down to a crawl. Once-active editors, like John, Faiz, Archive Keeper, and others seem to freeze. The regular edits now are either Soal taking care of the FC, Archive Keeper correcting some grammar mistakes, and the occasional wiki vandal, altough these get dealt with quickly usually.

These events led me to think-could this wiki reach perfection? To have reached a point where further editing is no longer neccessary, as all information possible lays within the hallowed articles? To have reached the pinnacle of any possible wiki? To have reached "the eye of the storm" and to stay there? To have completed the Tower of Babel? To have managed to get to the top of the pyramid?

Like the Roman Empire of old, which managed to defeat possible competitors and the only reason it had to mantain an army was for defense, did we manage to finally perfect the wiki, and now we should edit it just to keep it from vandals?

Anyhow, moving on from the rather-plentiful metaphors I provided, I thought today about this concept, and realized that there are still plenty of stubs on the wiki that need to be filled in, plenty of undiscovered things that just wait to be included here, and plenty of other great parodies that lay within Untergangers' minds, but which didn't manage to see the light of day yet, waiting to have a page of their own in this sanctum sanctorium of Downfall parodies.

And I also remembered a saying from an episode of one of my favorite cartoon series, Courage the Cowardly Dog, "Nu există perfect" , which means "Perfect doesn't exist". This, and what I mentioned above about the plenty of data unlisted here, led me to a conclusion:

The Wiki, no matter how splendid, shall never reach perfection. This statement may hurt some who have poured a lot of their precious time in this mortal coil in editing this wiki, but it is the truth. Perfection exists only in imagination, and there are plenty of other possible changes to be made which will lead us closer and closer to that heavenly reward.

Thanks for reading this. Dominus vobiscum et cum spiritum tuum. Amen. ~T

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