While many parodies that involve current events usually deal with politics, entertainment, and music, I feel that there aren't many that involve sports amongst the central unterganger community. However, I am aware Hitler Rants Parodies has made videos involving Germany's results in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the sacking of David Moyes at Manchester United. I am also aware that there are many F1 parodies amongst highly regarded untergangers, and while I understand that Football (Soccer) and Formula One are the two most popular sports in Germany (even though I don't consider auto racing of any kind a sport), I feel that the targets of Hitler's sports-related rants should be expanded. While many untergangers are likely not huge sports fans, I am majoring in Sports Management in college, so it's kinda my forte, and I'll make sports-based parodies more often than not. With the 2014 FIFA World Cup coming around, I've made a parody in which the bunker has made their picks for which country wins the World Cup. 

Bunker Member World Cup Pick Reason
Hitler Germany He rules it
Goebbels Germany  He sucks up to Hitler
Gunsche Netherlands Likes the color orange
Jodl England Depth
Fegelein Brazil Defense (and possibly antics)
Burgdorf Argentina Messi, duh...
Krebs Spain Defending Champs
Goring Mexico Mexican Food and Farts
Keitel Italy Veteran Leadership
Himmler France Starpower
Speer Portugal Ronaldo
Grawitz Nigeria Sleeper
Weidling Belgium Youth, Talent, and Experience Mix
Hewel Russia To improve relations
Linge Colombia Falcao, and prostitutes as a reward
Mohnke Uruguay Suarez, Cavani, and Forlan
Fritzsche Japan Asian Representative
Misch South Korea Fritzsche made him
Bormann Ivory Coast Drogba and Toure

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