Some major developments since my last blog post:

  1. I've been taking classes at the community college, and my last day is this Thursday. After June 28, I should be able to start making LOTS of videos!
  2. I finally got the official Inception soundtrack! :D Anybody who's seen my trailer parodies knows I love Inception, and now the music is MINE! So...yeah, I'm happy about that...
  3. I recently struggled through a mild case of Unterganger's block, with several parodies half done but no ideas for finishers. I have overcome and conquered however, and a new video should be up sometime this weekend.
  4. I have partaken of the "Imported From Gotham City" video contest. The entry period ends in one week, so if you want to join, by all means hurry! If you don't enter a video...I wouldn't mind for a few positive votes during the public voting period. *hint hint wink*

Well, that's all for now. So, peace out!

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