FEBRUARY 2017 UPDATE: I have returned to the community!

For those of you that are unaware, there was this gigantic dispute the past few days regarding FegelAntics and his spreading of hate on a certain Unterganger(Who I will not name). After the whole ordeal was over, I was willing to give FegelAntics a second chance, but everyone I talked to said the damage done was enough to warrant a permanent ban, yet they would not give him a second chance to prove to them that he learned his lesson. After much discussion with FegelAntics himself, which has resulted in the deletion of both his page and the UnterCast page, as well as the cancellation of UnterCast and FegelAntics' supposed retirement, I have come to the conclusion that this community is completely hostile to one another and second chances don't exist.

Thus, I would like to announce my long term disengagement from the community. I will still make parodies, but I will no longer be participating in community related activities for an unspecified amount of time (at least until the end of 2016).

The following will/has happened at the time of writing:

  • I will relinquish my mod status on The Downfall Parodies Society Chat Room, and will be uninstalling Discord from my computer.
  • I will delete my Skype account that I made solely for Unterganging purposes.
  • All Untergangers that I have on Steam will be removed.
  • I will NOT be retiring and/or suiciding my YouTube channel.
    • Yes, I will still be making parodies.
  • I will continue to be an administrator of this wiki.
  • I will continue to be a judge of the Unterganger Awards.
  • I will continue to be on YouTube, and will not be blocking anyone.
  • I will continue to be on, and will not be ignoring users.
  • I will continue to be on the HRP Facebook group.
  • Anything not listed here shall stay the same as it was before this announcement.

Thank you for reading.

Tl;dr: This community is too hostile to one another, as proven in the recent FegelAntics Fiasco, and I am therefore disengaging from the community. Read the list to see what is affected due to this disengagement.

UPDATE JANUARY 2017: I have officially decided that this long term disengagement from the community will end when I finish my Q & A! Hope to see you all soon!

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