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  • QuestionTuesdayFTW

    FEBRUARY 2017 UPDATE: I have returned to the community!

    For those of you that are unaware, there was this gigantic dispute the past few days regarding FegelAntics and his spreading of hate on a certain Unterganger(Who I will not name). After the whole ordeal was over, I was willing to give FegelAntics a second chance, but everyone I talked to said the damage done was enough to warrant a permanent ban, yet they would not give him a second chance to prove to them that he learned his lesson. After much discussion with FegelAntics himself, which has resulted in the deletion of both his page and the UnterCast page, as well as the cancellation of UnterCast and FegelAntics' supposed retirement, I have come to the conclusion that this community is …

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  • QuestionTuesdayFTW

    I don't know where else to put this so putting it here. 

    I am trying to upload pictures in order to update the FegelAntics page. However, when I attempt to upload the pictures, I get a "Permission Error." I've already asked Gokyr/Venkyra about this and he has no solution. Anyone have a fix?

    UPDATE: I fixed the issue. Too short of a file name maybe?

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