Tanya Gold did a piece on The Guardian about what she termed to as Hitler porn; the saturation of all things Hitler in pop culture and the fascination thereof. From the numerous films to the Kitler cat memes, Hitler’s guest appearances in T.V shows and his very own sitcom (Heil Honey, I’m Home!), the tabloid sidepieces (Nazi cows in Devon), the videogames, the comic books, the novels and so on - you get the picture, it’s a clusterfuck of Nazi-themed culture everywhere and its giving Tanya Gold a serious case of Nazi ennui, Hitler fatigue if you will.

The article’s argument against this proliferation of all-things-Hitler is actually better than other arguments that have been put forward against say the golden child of Hitler porn, the Downfall meme i.e. the parodies take the seriousness out of Nazi atrocities. Instead, she argues that Hitler porn is a distraction from today’s horrors and genocides.

Which brings up an interesting point; bearing in mind that the whole argument of the article is that the whole point of the Second World War was to eradicate Nazism from the face of the earth and yet, with Hitler porn there is a new kind of Nazi domination - culture wise, bearing all this in mind, will society in general at some point in the future (he said naively assuming it will be progressive and not dystopic as facts seem to indicate) be repulsed by the overload of Nazi themes in culture? Can the same be said of Downfall parodies? That if the meme were to meet its hypothetical end it will not be because of fewer parodies (something many untergangers use to gauge the health of the meme) but too many of them?

Und yes, Kylie Minogue would be a hot Eva Braun.

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