As you might know, I have retired from the community, and I have the honour of warning people that I will be shutting down my channel at about 6pm EDT today. I shall make a folder available of my best parodies. I will also take requests on parodies I did not consider putting into the folder.

For the parodies I am saving for archival reasons, they are:

Lyndon B. Johnson calls Hitler!

Gunsche makes an electric guitar

Hitler's bunker goes on strike!

Krebs discovers Hitler's fishy secret!

Günsche goes for a walk

[DPMV] ThreeReich - Counting Rants (Parody of Counting Stars)

Hitler is trapped in a Venkyra21 parody!

[DPMV] Adolf Hitler - Fegel Off (Parody of Shake it Off)

Hitler receives a text from Krebs

A new Hitler sends an email to Downfall Hitler!

Hitler goes on Sasuke (Ninja Warrior)

Hitler tries to rob Fegelein!

Inside Out: Führer Edition (PotM for June 2015)

This parody is banned in China

Humpy Hitler

Hitler goes trick or treating

Hitler and friends do a frozen yogurt challenge!

I will also save the translation of the first ever Downfall Parody onto the folder, so that people can access that as well. Der Untergang: The Parody - Part 23 is already on the Der Untergang: The Parody mediafire folder, so it is safe from deletion.

You have less than 2 hours to contact me here or the private messages in Chatango (canadolfy98) to give me a request.


Link to the folder here:'s_(and_nhlfan40's)_Best_Parodies

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