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    April 26, 2016 by Nhlfan40


    As you might know, I have retired from the community, and I have the honour of warning people that I will be shutting down my channel at about 6pm EDT today. I shall make a folder available of my best parodies. I will also take requests on parodies I did not consider putting into the folder.

    For the parodies I am saving for archival reasons, they are:

    Lyndon B. Johnson calls Hitler!

    Gunsche makes an electric guitar

    Hitler's bunker goes on strike!

    Krebs discovers Hitler's fishy secret!

    Günsche goes for a walk

    [DPMV] ThreeReich - Counting Rants (Parody of Counting Stars)

    Hitler is trapped in a Venkyra21 parody!

    [DPMV] Adolf Hitler - Fegel Off (Parody of Shake it Off)

    Hitler receives a text from Krebs

    A new Hitler sends an email to Downfall Hitler…

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  • Nhlfan40

    With the release of teaser trailers of "Er Ist Wieder Da" being released about a month ago, at least two parodies have already been made despite the movie not even being released yet! Hopefully more parodies will be made after the movie has been released in a month.

    Links to the parodies here and here. As far as I know, Subtitlecomedy made the first ever parody of Er Ist Wieder Da, about 3-4 hours before mine.

    Footage: here, here, and here

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