Wikia announced a few days ago that a new moderator group has been made available for wikis. Prior to this the existing "moderator" group only has tools for discussion moderation. This new group, the "content moderator", give users new tools to manage the files and pages of this wiki.

With this new option, I feel like balance in the Force has been achieved... meaning we can incrementally give fellow users administrative tools, and not just give them the passkey to the vault (full adminship) like we have done years ago.

Having said that, I'm not really sure if I could, or should, just give mod posts out on a whim. But anyone interested is certainly welcomed to apply for content mod posts. I won't create a thread for this, so just make one in Board:Wiki Management and I, and hopefully some other admins, will definitely check them out!

Thanks, and have a great time at HPW! Good luck summoning the Jodl Head! ;)

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