Alright, I'm writing this to give my recommendation on what should be, or should not be in articles. Though most of the articles in this wiki are extensive, there are some improvements here and there that can be made: Adding some relevant sections, cutting down on others.

Character pages

  1. Character Infobox (with obvious exception on Blondi :P )
  2. Some quotes (optional) - do not overdo it or add too many of it
  3. Background section (optional, would be nice to have one)
  4. In Downfall section
  5. In The Parodies/In Parody Universe section
  6. Comparison with other Antic Masters (Antic Masters only)
  7. List of appearances (Downfall characters only)
  8. Other portrayals (mostly a link to the character page in IMDB)
  9. Trivia (optional)
  10. Gallery
    1. Pictures from Downfall
    2. Pictures from other films, spoofs, resemblances, fanarts
    3. Real-life photos

Downfall Scenes

  1. A picture of the scene, choose the one most memorable
  2. In Downfall
  3. In the parodies
  4. Gallery of screenshots in chronological order

Unterganger pages

While individual untergangers usually keep after their own pages, I'd suggest making a section listing all of his/her parodies that have received awards. ;)

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