1. Use Google login

Virtually every Unterganger is uploading to YouTube, and YouTube is part of Google and uses its login. Using Google login, websites can pull info from the user's youtube account, resulting in the users on your website really being the untergangers themselves.

2. Move away from forum-based nominations

Forums are convenient, of course, but they run on systems and paradigms designed in the 90s. Nowadays people browse the internet with their phone more than ever, and forum interface on phone screens is really inconvenient. If you really care, and want to capture the most user base you should use mobile-friendly interface, and 90s forums just isn't one of them.

Developing a new system for scratch is possible but unlikely. I suggest trying Google Forms or something similar.

3. Some possible cross-site content linking

This wiki, for example, has been serving DPF's front feed for years using RSS. To reciprocate, HPW has some content that can be served to your websites, such as The Fegel Times and the Contests Portal.

I've found out a way to do this by using Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the wiki page
  2. append ?action=render to the url
  3. Use this URL with the code suggested on's home page. Do note the encodeURIComponent part, it is mandatory.

I'll try and provide support, to the best of my ability, to make the two pages as embeddable as possible. In particular, I'll try and adapt the contests Portal to use Bootstrap's CSS out of the can.

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