Hello fellow editors!

The reason for me to write this article is to basically encourage all contributors to help yourself, and each other, by adding references into articles. Because this is a wiki on Hitler Parodies, references naturally point to a parody on YouTube. Referencing is another way for you to get views! You get to put a link, to explain your parody and gain views!


The two types of referencing demonstrated in the article on Gunsche.

So basically there are two types of references that I observe: in-universe (numbered references) and off-universe (external link) references. Most of references in this wiki is an off-universe one, where the phrases is put as "in [unterganger name]'s parody, [link to parody here], Gunsche is shown as..." In-universe references was once harder to implement (due to lack of a template) but there's no reason not to put a lot more of it now, with the advent of this template.[1]

So please help to the cause, do some research and add references to the articles! :D


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