I'm slowly getting the hang of Reddit (actually only one subreddit), and if you ask any redditor they'll tell you that it is some sort of the Internet's front page. That makes me thinking... we don't have a subreddit solely for Hitler Parodies! after all these years!

Anyway, last year the HPW's FB page received a message from a subreddit mod about their new subreddit named DerUntergang. I wasn't a believer of Reddit that time and if you think about it the meme has long outgrown its original film, making the subreddit's name quite misleading.

At any rate, I'm now changing my stance. I'll support anyone who wants to create a subreddit for it. I'll link to it from this wiki, as well as the wiki's facebook page - basically all the public unterganging channels I'm in control of. As for the name, I think "HitlerParodies" will be the most descriptive.

Anyway, send my regards to the folks at, the fragmented chats and whatnot and let them know of this post. Cheers.

P.S. wait for a surprise in a week or two. ;)

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