Chloe about half-baked wiki pages

Firstly, I'm more than happy for the wiki to have new content, and new editors that add content. I don't know if you guys have checked out all the project pages (those starting with Hitler Parody Wiki:) where I've written a lot about the wiki Rules and Manual of Style. This post would be a reminder of sorts about some stuffs already mentioned in those two pages.

The first thing that I'd scrutinize (and everyone else should) about new Unterganger pages is said Unterganger's total Parody Universe parody view count. This is an indirect measurement of how noteworthy said Unterganger is in having their own page here. I don't mean to block anyone from having their page here; what I take into account more is the other editor's willingness to edit those pages. It'd be a hassle (to the few regular editors) to edit and update scores of Unterganger pages if the majority of them is hardly notable. LEt's face it, no one wants to write stuff about people they hardly know, yes?

Also taken into account is the Unterganger's commitment. Upstarts have a tendency to get bored after a few months and drop from the scene, and if we're not placing restriction on new pages the wiki would be left with pages about not very notable ex-untergangers.

As for the editors who are making pages of other Untergangers on their behalf, I expect commitment to write about them. There has been multiple cases, over the years, of people adding new pages with only a handful of sentences. Some even turn over their sorry excuse for a page to others (esp. us the admins) and expect them to complete those pages. Simply put, finish what you started. If you don't know what to say, then don't say anything. If you honestly don't know what to write about, then take a look at existing Unterganger pages, or at the Manual of Style where I've outlined what should be in an Unterganger page.

On another note, I am encouraging more pages about story-based and multi-part parodies, whose sort of things. I think it's better to write about stories than about people because people IMO change too much and too often, and writing about people is a more delicate matter because there is chance of libel and incrimination. You shouldn't add stuff about an Unterganger if he didn't made it public himself (e.g. real name, birthday, country, etc.).

Do take these points in mind. We aren't trying to be totalitarian (like Wikipedia) with the little restrictions we've placed, but those notability restrictions will in the long run help everyone on this wiki in the up-keeping of all the pages that people have contributed. A wiki isn't useful if other people cannot join in on editing them. Have fun!

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