Goering infobox code red
It's not a bug, it's a feature.

I think it's now a critical issue that need to be addressed immediately. The nickname section of the character infoboxes have bloated, but without citations it's becoming more and more unreliable.

Please note very carefully that the function of infoxes are only to summarize points that are in the article. The nicknames section has evidently become a loophole where people keep adding [uncited] names, but never cared to elaborate them in the main article.

Presently, the nicknames section contradicts official rules regarding citation/referencing and, more critically, the fundamentals of infoboxes.

My days of enthusiastically watching parodies are long over and I cannot be arsed to spend countless hours rummaging YouTube to find the parody where the characters are really given the nicknames. If this issue is not addressed in exactly one month from the time of writing I'll remove the nicknames section completely.

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