I got some concerning news - next week is the second last week of lectures in this semester, and it means the deadline for a lot of course projects. My task list would be so dense, denser than Gunsche's head, that light cannot escape it!


Aiming for the impossible?

I've cleared the Speer Award, which required 100 straight days of editing in HPW, and are now currently aiming for the Mother Marowak Award, which requires double that amount. I'm pretty sure I won't have time to check in every day in the upcoming week, and I might lose the track record and the counter reset.

In the interest of curiosity and science, I do think it's imperative that I go on by all means to make Mother Marowak feel loved, thus I would be looking into bot edits on my account's behalf. Maybe a scheduled daily edit on this blog page would suffice.

I'm wondering if anyone else have any objections about this plan. Should I set up the aforementioned bot edit scheduling or give up on Mother Marowak?

P.S. Try adding a "POINT" class to the document body, and enjoy laughing your socks off ;)

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