As long as there have been the Featured Content on HPW, The Featured Article has been one of the principal components. The way I laid out the FC, however, doesn't take into account the quality of those articles, because I thought showing people interesting parts of the wiki is more beneficial. Also, the FC is managed directly by a handful of people to ensure timely action in a hiatus-prone and indecisive community, though the FC had spent some time in dormancy itself. In order to put some constraint and lessen the load, I have put, as part of a memorandum note, a time quota of 2 weeks per Featured Article, but as of late this seem to have been ignored, making whatever is featured less significant.

This proposal is thus to lay out some form work for a quality-based, concensus-driven mechanism to determine Articles of the Month, intended to supercede the Featured Article of the FC.

Proposal description
Replace the Featured Article of the FC with the Article of the Month
Make this component of the FC concensus-driven
Showcase the highest-quality articles on HPW that meet minimum requirements (refer to Manual of Style)
Put more value into this component of the FC
Mechanism summary
Wiki members nominate and vote for articles in a forum thread
Article qualifications
Not a stub article
Fulfills all requirements as outlined in Manual of Style
Article quota
Preferably has at least one of each of the following categories within a year:
  • Downfall Scene
  • Common Series
  • Individual Series
  • Feature-length parodies/Parodies
  • Characters
  • Awards

Timeline details:-

Start of nomination
1st week of the month prior (i.e. March's AotM nomination starts on 1st week of February)
Nomination period
number of full weeks in that month
Nomination limits
1 article per post. User is free to give arguments for his nomination.
2 articles per user
Give kudos. Nominating user should be reminded to kudos their own post.
AotM determination
  1. At end of the voting period, nomination with most kudos are considered
  2. Nominated article is checked for qualifications. If not met, nomination is disqualified and the next nominations with most kudos are considered until a qualified nomination is met.
  3. Qualified nomination becomes the Article of The Month
AotM announcement
1st week of the month

Details will be added/changed based on your feedback. Feel free to give your opinion on this proposal.

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