As you may have noticed, Wikia has now put unsightly ads in the siderail to the right of the page. Of course, the admins won't be doing anything about it, as it is an exchange for us to use their site free of charge (I'm not saying it's not possible...)

As always, I advocate the use of AdBlock Plus on your browsers. It removes ads from virtually everywhere: YouTube, Facebook, Wikia, you name it. I haven't seen an ad in months. In fact, I had them turned off to see how the new ads in this wiki looks like (it appears around yesterday, I think.) Also, those still using the Cretaceus Period Internet Exploder, where AdBlock Plus is unavailable, should be ashamed of yourself.

On a side note, Ingluorious Basterds Wiki seems like it's been abandoned for three years. I really want to see that wiki flourish, as it is very closely tied to our parody universe! Should anyone be interested, you can apply for adoption here!

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