I'm going to write a short notice for admins and maintainers of The Fegel Times:

  • USE THE CORRECT WIKITEXT! Use the source mode to check:
    • News date are proceeded with a semicolon (e.g. ;16 October 2012). Do not use the '''bold''' wikitext or <span>s.
    • News items are preceded with asterisks. This won't be a big issue.
  • If you are announcing nominations or votings for contests please be sure to update the Unterganging Contests page as well.
  • Copy the little iron cross picture to every contest award announcement news items.
  • I would prefer that every award announcements comes with a link to the announcement video.
  • Use a <div> with the "newshighlight" class to highlight certain news items (such as open nominations) in The Fegel Times. Remove these divs once the news item becomes outdated (e.g. the nomination has closed.)
    • Switch to source mode, mind you.
  • Don't forget to read the notes at the bottom of The Fegel Times.

Other general stuff:

  • Rename any uploaded files that does not conform to the rules and the manual of style. give the offenders a warning, and this serves as a warning for future offenders.
  • read the rules and the manual of style, if you have not done so. the manual of style also contain information of what useful templates are available to use.

btw, my laptop with a freshly-installed windows is still *ucked. I just burned the installation DVD. wish me luck that it will work without fail...

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