Apparently It's been announced almost 2 months ago by the Wikia folks, but I've only known of it in the last hour.

So... the big news is...
Mediawiki now supports Lua! :D

Anyone who has done some programming will encounter Lua at some time. It sure opens up countless opportunities that the few of us programmers (John and Huck included, of course) can toy around with, but as of writing there's not much stuff that we can do with this new thing. I'm definitely going to explore the possibility of transferring the Grand Unified Downfall Scenes Database into Lua modules (after I read more about Lua of course), but that depends on time and enthusiasm on my part.

Apparently it has not been rolled into every Wikia wiki so we'd need to ask the Staff to enable it before we can use it. But for testing purposes there's the Community Test Wiki (linked below) to run tests on until we worked out if we should, and what we want to do with Lua on HPW.

On another news, I've enabled Wikia's new MAps feature. Being the Krebs that I am, I've always wanted to do something interactive about the Fuhrerbunker. The new feature might come in handy, so I'll explore what I can do with it.


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