• Mfaizsyahmi

    Virtually every Unterganger is uploading to YouTube, and YouTube is part of Google and uses its login. Using Google login, websites can pull info from the user's youtube account, resulting in the users on your website really being the untergangers themselves.

    Forums are convenient, of course, but they run on systems and paradigms designed in the 90s. Nowadays people browse the internet with their phone more than ever, and forum interface on phone screens is really inconvenient. If you really care, and want to capture the most user base you should use mobile-friendly interface, and 90s forums just isn't one of them.

    Developing a new system for scratch is possible but unlikely. I suggest trying Google Forms or something similar.

    This wiki, for …

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    Wikia announced a few days ago that a new moderator group has been made available for wikis. Prior to this the existing "moderator" group only has tools for discussion moderation. This new group, the "content moderator", give users new tools to manage the files and pages of this wiki.

    With this new option, I feel like balance in the Force has been achieved... meaning we can incrementally give fellow users administrative tools, and not just give them the passkey to the vault (full adminship) like we have done years ago.

    Having said that, I'm not really sure if I could, or should, just give mod posts out on a whim. But anyone interested is certainly welcomed to apply for content mod posts. I won't create a thread for this, so just make one in …

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    Article of the Month?

    January 15, 2016 by Mfaizsyahmi

    As long as there have been the Featured Content on HPW, The Featured Article has been one of the principal components. The way I laid out the FC, however, doesn't take into account the quality of those articles, because I thought showing people interesting parts of the wiki is more beneficial. Also, the FC is managed directly by a handful of people to ensure timely action in a hiatus-prone and indecisive community, though the FC had spent some time in dormancy itself. In order to put some constraint and lessen the load, I have put, as part of a memorandum note, a time quota of 2 weeks per Featured Article, but as of late this seem to have been ignored, making whatever is featured less significant.

    This proposal is thus to lay out some form …

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    Busy next week

    December 4, 2015 by Mfaizsyahmi

    I got some concerning news - next week is the second last week of lectures in this semester, and it means the deadline for a lot of course projects. My task list would be so dense, denser than Gunsche's head, that light cannot escape it!

    I've cleared the Speer Award, which required 100 straight days of editing in HPW, and are now currently aiming for the Mother Marowak Award, which requires double that amount. I'm pretty sure I won't have time to check in every day in the upcoming week, and I might lose the track record and the counter reset.

    In the interest of curiosity and science, I do think it's imperative that I go on by all means to make Mother Marowak feel loved, thus I would be looking into bot edits on my account's behalf. Maybe a s…

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    History's Hunting Hitler

    November 12, 2015 by Mfaizsyahmi

    A new series, Hunting Hitler, just premiered on History Asia (afaik). The first ep details the feasibility of Hitler living out the post-WWII in Argentina. That immediately reminds me of the speculah page we've had about it here in this wiki. Apparently it was deleted because it was not related to the parodies whatsoever, even though we can move it away from the main namespace.

    IMO it was an interesting preposition, if not true. After all, Hitler's skull did turned out to be a woman's.

    Yeah, just posting this to get my thoughts out, and to push down less meaningful blog posts from the blog list. ;)

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