I would like to understand this sudden antagonism towards me.  I have done nothing against any untergangers. I've supported every new Unterganger that popped up out of the ground, I contributed heavily to the wikia, and helped those who needed advice or what have you to improve their craft.

Yet now, I am labeled a "douchebag?" I do my part by making sure no frivolous pages are being added to the wiki and  I get called the douchebag?

Why? Is it because I disagree with a particular someone? Is it because I don't act like a troll every time I've or my community has been wronged?

I've read past chat entries where Mfaiz wants to boycott the PoTY and remove me as PoTM Judge. Why? Why am I vilified simply because I have a different opinion than Mr. Mfaiz? 

If we start ostracizing people simply for the difference of opinion, then this community is doomed. I joined this community because it was free of this elitism, but it seems some let things go to their head, I love this community, but I'm not going to pander my opinions to stay in it. 

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