As some of you may recall, I attempted to start my own spin-off parody series, Franco Parodies, however previously I had complications in doing so, however I just recently come up with a possible solution.



Generalissimo Francisco Franco of Spain


The first hurdle in creating a Franco Parody, (or any parody of this kind) is finding a good quality film source, and I have done so. Called Dragon Rapide which depicts Franco's rise to power during the Spanish Civil War (which is good because of the timeframe being parallel to that of the three stooges: Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. Plus old-man Franco is just gross.)

Character Confusion

As is stated in the wiki page, one of the problems with making Franco Parodies is that because of insufficient information on actors and characters and the rapidity of the Spanish language, I am unable to accurately determine what character is which, however this is when I was hit with a stroke of genius.

Because these are parodies, it does not really matter if my characters are accurate, at least for the time being. So if I say one guy is Moya then he'll be General Moya (regardless if he really is or not) until I find a

good source of information that says otherwise, which easily can be ret-conned later in the Franco Parodies series when that happens.


So, this kind of changes my whole production plan up a bit. I will run a test season (say 4 or 5 episodes) of Franco Parodies, after I am done with remaking my old parodies, and before I kick of season 3 of hitler parodies.


Once I get all the pieces of Dragon Rapide downloaded, I will share them with the rest of the community if they wish to engage in their own Franco Fiesta.

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