Seeing the wonderful success of this wikia, and such dedication from contributors and adminstrators alike, I look at my own wikia site and see its dismal state that it is in. Sure most of it is my fault, after all it is MY wikia site, and it should be my responsibility to keep it alive, however, I lack the technical skills needed to give the site the full attention and care it deserves. Apart from writing articles, I know nothing about wikia, however it would be nice if someone from here could assist me in this. True, right now, many of the pages are empty...I suppose it does take a village, and I'm a bit envious and prideful at the same time. Prideful that I am part of such a community as Untergangers to meticulously tend to this wikia site, yet envious that I have no such community of my own, that I have been trying to build for four years. Heck, I spent more time here on this wikia then all of my time combined thus far since the creation of my own wikia site. Oh well, I'm done lamenting for now, one of these days I'll get up the gumption to work on my wikia site as hard or harder than I work on this one.

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