The meme has come along way since its humble beginnings when Sim Heil first appeared. Many untergangers come and go and each add something to this entity we now call the Parody Universe. Some of them left memorable moments and classic parodies that keep us laughing to this day, while others add techniques and styles to the point that I might dare to call what we do art, however, it is in this new era of the Downfall meme that could harken the end of a class of Untergangers we hold so dear, as it is this class that started it all and without this meme wouldn't have even existed. The class I am talking about is the traditionalists.


Traditionalists such as Hitlerrantsparodies are in peril of becoming obsolete in this new era of Downfall. If I may dub this era, "TheSilverUniverse" Era. Mostly because TheSilverUniverse personifies the very nature of the era and because it was with his Hitler's Llama Priest series that I have made this realization, not because he is the first of this era, just as Hitlerrantsparodies wasn't the first of his however HRP definitely is the iconic persona of what I'd like to call the "Hitlerrantsparodies" era.


What I am talking about here is the traditional parody scheme (very little special FX) that HRP uses to this day versus the FX parody scheme (increased usage of special fx) that TSU uses. This is by no means a comparison of these particular individuals' abilities, popularity, or skill. What this is a comparsion of is the abovementioned schemes in today's parodies.

The question I asked myself is, "Can traditionalists 'make' it in today's era of Downfall parodies?" And I have to say, "I have no idea!" Because, it is unclear to me if a parody with very little use of FX can compete with the plethora of FX-heavy parodies. Personally I enjoy both forms, however taking an objective look, I don't see traditionalists lasting much longer, without going the FX route. I may be wrong, and I hope I am, because if we lose traditionalists, I feel that we will lose the roots of this meme and this universe which would ultimately lead to our Downfall (pun intended).

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