My dear Untergangers you may have noticed a lack of activity once again from me. Not only the lack of production of material to my channel, but even falling behind on the Parody of the Month deal, and until this very moment, almost a dead stop to my contributions to this wiki.

The Culprit

The main reason why I have been failing in these things is because my computer was Fegel-ed by a trojan virus. In response I had to do a full wipe of my computer, unfortunately in my haste to fix the computer, I forgot to save my parody materials (video clips, green screens, etc.) before doing so.


This past week or so, I have been rebuilding my stash of fegel-tools so I can begin making parodies once more. I only have three more parodies left to remake, then I begin season 3 with brand new material, whic should be fun. Fegelein thinks he stopped me by throwing an antic at my computer, but he has failed in his plan and now he has become Imbecile #1!

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