Hello fellow untergangers, I would just like to apologize for the lack of output in any fashion lately beit parodies, wiki contributions, or most importantly the Winner of the Parody of the Month Award for August Video. It is simply because school started back up and I have been concentrating on that, however I promise to upload the winner video on Sunday, and I have started up the September nominations thread on the forum even though I haven't announced the winner of august yet. Also I want to make something clear, I never said TSU couldn't upload an announcement video, however I also didn't say he could, so to clear it all up, here is how it will be from now on:

If I do not upload the winner announcement video for one of the PoTM awards within a week of the posted upload date, then TSU has my expressed permission to make one instead.

My production rate has decreased, however I plan on posting a parody at least once a month, specifically focusing on finishing the Franco Parody pilot mini-series. I ask that you all forgive me for letting you guys down, and I'll try to be a more productive member of the community.

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