A bill in Hong Kong similar to SOPA under debate and has not been passed yet. If it is passed, ALL parodies will decline and you will have the risk to jail even if you click the share button.

Constantin moved to a mild attitude towards the parodies and us, and they put ads in our parodies to make money since the end of the takedowns.

Hong Kong is a place where Downfall parodies are popular, however differ from our styles and are not much known. They mainly use parodies and modified photos to criticize the government and the Communist Party, as well as express their feelings. The bill was called the "網絡23條" as it is used to suppress the freedom of speech, same as the unpassed Article 23 in the Basic Law. Once the bill is passed, Constantin may take action to the Untergangers and the mass block may come back to life.

Sign the petition against the bill. (Scroll down to read the English section)

It IS your business. If the bill is passed, other countries will pass the similar laws and will eventually have SOPA passed more soon.

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