UK voted to leave EU. (That's sad for the Scots)

“Mein Reich Europa”
―Angela Merkel

The 4th Reich's days are numbered. In both world wars, Germany got screwed up by UK and lost both wars.

EU recently allows more refugees to get into Europe which makes some countries not happy for it.

They fear Muslims will bring social unrests and the Europeans will eventually be a minority of their homeland.

EU must change. Germany must stop forcing other members to receive refugees.

History tells. Many mainland Chinese move to Hong Kong and make Hongkongers angry and develop hatreds towards them.

Admitting Jew-killing doesn't means you can allow them to come into your homeland uncontrollably.

The EU will eventually collapse, and to retain its land, Germany will launch an attack and conquer the whole Europe again.

Screwings yuo, Germoney.

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