This is a real life annual meetup. I was thinking of this idea a year ago.

Influenced by the Wikipedia meetup.


Day 1: Settling down


Users should arrive to the place 1 to 2 days before the meeting starts. e.g. If the meeting is held in London, users have to take a flight to there and settle down in a hotel first.

Explore the place first!

It's good for you to explore the city before the meetup. Going to a place just for the meetup is not that meaningful.

Day 2: Preparation

Prepare appliance for the meetup

We need to prepare appliances for the meeting. E.g. HDTVs, Food, seats, lightings, etc.

Hitler Parody Wiki conference

Users discussing about the management of the Hitler Parody Wiki (if problems haven't been discussed before the meetup)

Day 3: The meeting

The meeting is held around 7pm, ends at 11.

Food feast

Of course we need food.

Parody and products exhibition

We will set up some HDTVs playing some of the popular Downfall parodies.

In order to make it not boring, we set up several HDTVs as shown in the plan below:


People can walk around and watch the parodies inducted to the Parody of the Month.

There will be also some information boards of the story of each parody.

Also, some of the fan-products (e.g. FegelStation) will be shown.

(I shall upload a sketch of the scenario)

Awards ceremony

Awards will be issued in this part of meeting. One of the most popular Untergangers will preside over the ceremony. Awards include: Parody of the year, Unterganger of the year, and other Unterganger awards: Choose one video among all 12 winners of the same category in the Unterganger awards of the whole year.

Other important information


Untergangers and Hitler Parody Wiki editors (registered and autoconfirmed users only) are surely welcome

Users age under 13 is not allowed. (And I assume that your parents won't let you go either)


There are around 400 Untergangers in the Downfall parody community. Around 140 of them are active Untergangers. Setting up the meeting requires around 10000~25000 USD. i.e. 25~180 USD per person.

In some cases, users need to donate a small amount of money monthly (around 5~15 USD).


Every four years the top 10 most popular unterganger will choose the venue for the meeting. (Usually in London or the USA, I guess.)


We should set date between middle July to August, or in late December.

Users have to submit the dates available for you to take part in the meeting. The system automatically choose the top 5 dates available. And then users have to vote for the final date. This process takes around 2 to 3 weeks.

Even if you can't go for the meeting for any reason, you can still watch the recording days later unloaded on YouTube.

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