Did you ever thought about this?!?!

<table class="metadata plainlinks ambox ambox-notice" style=""><tbody><tr>\
<td class="mbox-image"><div style="width: 52px;">\
<a href="" class="image image-thumbnail" title="Dolfy wants you to write edit summaries!"><img src="" alt="Dolfy Wants You" class="" data-image-key="Dolfy_Wants_You.jpg" data-image-name="Dolfy Wants You.jpg" width="40" height="43"></a></div></td>\
<td class="mbox-text" style=""> The <b>Hitler Parody Wiki</b> would like to implore all contributors to <i>write edit summaries</i> when editing from the Visual Editor. Thank you for your cooperation. </td></tr></tbody></table>');

The bot screwed up some pages, including this page.

There must be a better way than using bots.

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