Super Hitler Kart 2 is a parody on Mario Kart 8, followed by Super Hitler Kart. It is now a planned project, see if FegeleintheLostTapes accept this request. This parody has 3 original courses. Also has antigravity feature from Mario Kart 8.



From Mario Kart

  • Banana - Protects the player from incoming items, and spins out other racers that hit it.
  • Coin (Reichsmark) - Grants the player 2 extra coins. (Maximum 10)
  • Feather - Grants the user the ability to roughly perform a Spin Jump twice as high as a regular driver can. Also for jumping over enemy projectiles.
  • Green Shell - Travels in a straight line and knocks over a kart it hits.
  • Mushroom - Provides the player's kart with a small speed boost.
  • Red Shell - Homes in on the closest kart in front of the player and knocks it over.
  • Spiny Shell - Targets the racer in first place, knocking over all other karts in its path.
  • Star - Provides the player invincibility from all terrain and items, and also giving a speed boost.

New & Original

  • Antic - Make all karts shrink and cannot move so you can easily pass them!
  • Clown Balls - Throw at other karts with 100% accuracy!
  • Laser - Fire it up and shoot all the karts on your way!
  • Nazi-box - Use all items at once!
  • Pencil - Throw it and immediately the kart in first place will explode!
  • Shockwave - Make any items tries to attack you fail. Also repel the karts near you.
  • Fegel-boost - Boosts up when other karts approach you.
  • Fegel-wall - build up a wall to prevent other karts pass you.


Demo Courses

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