Last year I made an infobox template which is "designed for lazy bums" where it doesn't require you to type parameters like "row 1 title" and so on. However that template has a bug that you need to add a string to the last parameter in order to show all contents.

This time I would like to make a new one. This one solved the bug above and only requires you to type a few characters.

|t  = <!-- title -->
|i  = <!-- image -->
|c  = <!-- caption -->
|1a = <!-- row 1 title -->
|1b = <!-- row 1 info -->
|2a = <!-- row 2 title -->
|2b = <!-- row 2 info -->
|3a = <!-- row 3 title -->
|3b = <!-- row 3 info -->

Update: Since I found it too troublesome to type the row parameters, they have been removed.

Also, I implemented a Lua module which automatically format the output of a code.

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