First things first: Any future proposals will result in a new blog post/forum thread.

Starting from 0:00 September 4 UTC, all proposals will go to the second technical proposal blog.

Proposed changes

Major changes

Removing the level system
This feature was implemented years ago. However, due to some users misusing edits and make alot of unconstructive edits, the feature's use is doubtful.
Re-writing custom article comments stylesheets
I need to make the article comments be customized further. Sometimes the text overlapped with the reply button.
Splitting/rearranging CSS pages
For easier managing.
Cut dome some scripts
The main page loads slow, and its large amount of content and heavy scripts is the cause. The contents cannot be removed, so I'll just cut some unwanted scripts down.
Remove the "Try out the new arrangement!" thing
Active contests and old contests must be separated. The "new arrangement" just messed this up.

Minor changes

VisualEditor editnotice
Previously Faiz added an ambox to every page reminding users to write edit summaries. However I think this idea is dumb: it leaves unwanted line breaks. This can be achieved by adding a notiplus notification.
Fix .header-tally height bug
I encountered a bug on the page count tally. I hid the social buttons with my personal CSS completely.
Fixed it using float:right.
Submit unreviewed scripts
Submit Monobook.js and Util.js for review. They don't have any previous live versions so even if they are loaded, they won't work.
Finalizing the notiplus script
It has been 1 year since it's introduced. Faiz left Wikia and his scripts were left unfinished.
No changed required. The script works.
Tabber style
Changing the tabber color and remove borders in respect to the wiki's color scheme.


Abuse Filter
VisualEditor users may sometimes accidentally wipe out the infoboxes. It should be prevented by adding a filter.
Vector theme
Convert the Monobook theme to Wikipedia's Vector theme.

Future technical blog posts

Should I write technical updates on a blog post or a forum thread? (and should it be highlighted?)

Also, I might use notiplus to issue new technical updates.

And since it has been 2 years, I can't remember every scripts I have imported so it may take some time for me to find them out.

Your response is important: It is the key to reaching consensus.

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