I have read a comparison among all wiki farms.

There are 3 wiki farms based on MediaWiki:

  • Wikia
  • ShoutWiki
  • Orain

In Orain's home page, you will find a comparison table of these 3 wiki forms. Obviously Orain is the best among them. Why not ShoutWiki? Because I would like a wiki with an interface identical to that of Wikipedia.

We are not moving our wiki to Orain very soon, but in case our js pages are locked up for too long, or Wikia really wants to censor our codes, or prevent us from blocking their ads, we will have to do that (as well as mine).

Compared to ShoutWiki
  • Custom domains
  • Custom extensions (NOT templates, javascript or Lua, but PHP)
  • Fully community-led
  • All free features
  • Original Vector interface (no fixed width, no heavy gradients and colors)
Compared to Wikia
  • Better contingency measures (I guess)
  • Up-to-date features
  • Codes are secure and private, neither gets censored nor filtered
Compared to both
  • 100% non profit
  • No ads
  • Personalized support

Before going to Orain, please remember that:

  • Orain does not support visual/rich text editing. No syntax highlighting. But provides instant preview at the bottom of the editor.
  • Some codes does not work on Orain as they need to be rewritten.
  • CSS stylings have to be rewritten.

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