Fikamar27 said he also wanted to have "Antic Festival".[1]

Suggested firm dates:

  • The video where Fegelein being the Antic Master for the first time[2]
  • Fegelein's birthday.
  • The video where Himmler being the Grand Master of the Antic Order for the first time. (This one is less recommended. Because Fegelein commits antics much more than Himmler's)

Also, for the International Untergangers' Day, I suggest these dates:

Hitler's birthday and deathday are both DISCOURAGED. This may make others think that we're Neo-Nazis.


  1. International Untergangers' Day, see the comments.
  2. In KakashiBallZ's article, a sentence says, "He was also credited for promoting Hermann Fegelein into the famous prankster synonymous with Hitler Parodies today."

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