A few changes in this wiki are made and proposed in this blog.


Article comments layout
Borders of comments are removed and simplified. It will look more like what you see normally on YouTube.
Text sizes has been reduced to 13. Avatar of comment replies are reduced to 40px. The "Reply" button has been reduced to a link and the sprites has also been removed.
Edit summary warning
A message will appear if you leave the edit summary blank when editing pages that belong to the main namespace.
Unterganger infobox
A new "channel" parameter is available. "channelname" and "channelID" are still usable, only if "channel" is left blank.


Option to justify paragraphs
A checkbox will be added on the wikia bottom bar (where "My Tools" is located) to let user enable justifying paragraphs.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below.

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