A few changes are proposed in this blog.

Proposed changes

Replace notiplus with rail modules
One problem I found about notiplus is that it sometimes doesn't work. It's because of the community messages that prevents our messages from loading. We need a script that always works. (Unless Faiz comes and fixes it) Rail module messages are less disruptive.
An edit button is added for admins for easy editing. Please note that the notifications can only be added or removed manually.
Realtime subscriber count (Akshat Mittal)
SocialBlade's subscriber count is often out of sync. The counter will be added to the Wikia rail.

Previously changes that haven't been made

Splitting/rearranging CSS pages
For easier managing.
Cut dome some scripts
The main page loads slow, and its large amount of content and heavy scripts is the cause. The contents cannot be removed, so I'll just cut some unwanted scripts down.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below. Note that technical blog posts may update frequently.

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