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    Try my games!

    April 19, 2014 by Krazyfilmer123

    There's this site called Gamefroot, which I discovered 2 months ago. Since I was new to the Untergang community, I made a ton of games with my own AI's put in them as well as some of my own programming into some of my games. The results were one of games put into Gamefroot's game awards!

    I'm the only guy known to make tonnes of Untergang games on that site.

    Here's a link to some of my good and popular games! Enjoy! (bolded games are my award winning ones, games in italics are non-Untergang games and both together are award winning ones that are non-Untergang). I'm not gonna give you all my games though.

    • Fuhrerbunker Infiltration III
    • Fuhrerbunker Infiltration IV
    • The Fegelein Run
    • The Fegelein Run II
    • The Hitler Boogey
    • The Hitler Boogey II
    • Ass Kicking
    • F…
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