About the list of Untergangers

Many times over the years, I've been wondering about the logic behind the list of Untergangers. I can see why it exists, and I can see a point in having it. But, I don't understand the idea of basing the order in which the names are presented on statistics? (Views, subs). Those numbers change often, usually daily, meaning that in order for us to have an updated list with current/valid information, someone needs to check the stats of 400+ people daily. It can't be done. It's not realistic.

I would like to suggest a few changes, in order to create a properly organised, informative list.

A group of people of say 10-20, agree to edit 20-40 names each. We make a schedule, so when one person is done, the other picks up and continues working through the list. The Untergangers will be presented according to when they uploaded their first parody, thus the list will be in chronological order, making it static. Other static details such as country and YouTube channel, can also be included. As for the statistics, a Socialblade page can be added, thus the stats will be updated automatically. New Untergangers will simply be added to the bottom of the list, and so it will continue over time.

This change would mean that the list is kept tidy, up-to-date and organised. It will be much easier to maintain as well. In my opinion, things like "Views" should not be in the list, if the actual number given is invalid. Having outdated information like that, looks very messy and unprofessional. 

However, considering the efforts made by all those who contributed to the list in the past, it does present a bit of an issue. Perhaps a new list can be made? Perhaps some other solution can be found?

Do share your views :) Thanks for reading.

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