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    Hey guys.

    I decided to write this blog post to shed light on an issue that I feel is getting worse constantly...

    In recent years, I noticed a change in attitude towards children. When I was a kid, and throughout history, children have always been considered "annoying". Most children are difficult in some way. They're forgetting instructions and rules, asking dumb questions, and so on. It's also to be expected that children can't speak or write properly, and things they create (like videos, drawings) will not be perfect. Children are not fully developed, physically or mentally. They will act in stupid ways. They will say and do stupid things. This is natural and it's part of their development. This has always been more or less understood and …

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  • JennieParker87

    About the list of Untergangers

    Many times over the years, I've been wondering about the logic behind the list of Untergangers. I can see why it exists, and I can see a point in having it. But, I don't understand the idea of basing the order in which the names are presented on statistics? (Views, subs). Those numbers change often, usually daily, meaning that in order for us to have an updated list with current/valid information, someone needs to check the stats of 400+ people daily. It can't be done. It's not realistic.

    I would like to suggest a few changes, in order to create a properly organised, informative list.

    A group of people of say 10-20, agree to edit 20-40 names each. We make a schedule, so when one person is done, the other picks up …

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  • JennieParker87

    The element of surprise

    This article is about how the element of surprise can be used to make a parody more fun, and it's mostly dedicated to people who are in the beginning of their parody making. First of all I wanna point out that I'm not claiming to be an expert, and I don't always use this principle in my own parodies. I'm just sharing what I've learned by watching other parodies, and from my real life studies (psychology). Hopefully someone will find it useful!

    When you expect something to be funny; it usually isn't. Which is why many jokes aren't really that funny, because when you read it/hear it - you expect it to be funny. Same thing if someone says "you gotta see this, it's sooo funny!", you might laugh a little and find it entertaini…

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