Eyy. If you didn't know already, I started a small series to promote new Untergangers and their parodies, known as Gokyr Promotes. Currently I have only made two episodes(MidnightMusic and Charizard(before he was revealed to be Alpha)), mainly to gauge audience interest, and aren't exactly considered official episodes of the series, because MidnightMusic has already retired, and Charizard -- you know. I will be taking them down soon enough, as I plan to officially start the series anew.

Here's a list of Untergangers that I plan to promote under this series, for now:

Season 1 (2015)

  • Episode 1: CanaDolfy98
  • Episode 2: TheUnknownHitler
  • Episode 3: Gb. Alexander
  • Episode 4: HighBunker HxH
  • Episode 5: Randomdolfyparodies
  • Episode 6: Foxy the Fegel Fox
  • Episode 7: Zano0
  • Episode 8: Nerdington
  • Episode 9: Parodyhall
  • Episode 10: Vgrx
  • Episode 11: Yhynerson1
  • Episode 12: Fürocious Führer

Release dates are not yet confirmed. If you have any new unterganger in mind that you would like me to promote, comment below!

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