Hello again, Untergangers. This time, I am here to say that, Franco.carmona.106, am officially announcing that I shall have an advice column called "Unterganger's Advice Column'. Here, I will give advice on your personal dilemmas, like for instance, if somebody's bombarding you with bad comments with trash talk, or something like that, ask me, in the form of a comment on this blog (or any of my blog pages) or your own blog post, and I could give some advice about it. Please note that I'm not a professional and I will give the best advice I can fathom. Answers will be given in the form of a comment wherever you ask. Also, I probably won't be checking on this consistently, so bear with me. Fortunately, my summer vacation's on the way and that means I can get to check on this more often.

Hope this works. Sayonara until the next blog post.

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