Hello, fellow Untegangers of le world! I, Franco.carmona.106. has been thinkin about this concept for quite a while. It's this: What if we Gangers suddenly decided to form a Government? An interesting concept for sure, and I have thought about whitch ganger or gangerin would be best suited for the job (NO OFFENCE TO THE GANGERS OR GANGERINS I MENTION. THIS IS ALL HYPOTHETICAL, AND NOT MEANT TO INSULT ANY AND ALL OF YOU  IN ANY WAY.)


President of The Ganging Council 

Chancellor of The Ganging Council (Vice-leader)

Secretary of Traditional Parodies Affairs

Secretary of SFX Parodies Affairs

Secretary of Videogame/Uberganging Parodies Affairs

Secretary of Untergangerin Affairs

Secretary of Headpasting Parodies Affairs

Secretary of Feature-Length Parodies Affairs

Secretary of Modified Traditional Parodies Affairs

Secretary of Song-themed Parodies Affairs

International Representative Of Gangers ang Gangerins

Supervisor, Americas Division

Supervisor, European Division

Supervisor, Asian Division

Unterganger Hall of Fame Commitee Moderator

So, what do you think? No offence again to all metioned gangers, this is just a concept and not official.